The first nation in the metaverse

The United Metaverse Nation is the first decentralized autonomous organization DAO that acts as a virtual country. The UMN is a member-owned nation without centralized leadership. All activities, such as governance laws and monetary policies, are transparent and fully public. Each citizen needs an ERC-721 passport to exercise their rights. The Genesis Collection of UMN is composed of 3,333 exclusive Passports that give citizenship and voting rights to its owners.



Each NFT will have downloadable content that will be available providing collectors access to 3D files, rendering, and premade animations.


The Ownership of the NFT will give your exclusive rights and voting power within our metaverse nation.


By holding more than 1 passport genesis, you will be able to breed future generation of citizen that will populate our nation.





Total attributes
Total Combinations
Each UMN passport have been programmatically generated from 88 attributes accross 8 categories. The Class of citizen and the distric number will determine your rights and level access in United
Metaverse Nation.
number of card available
The most unique passport in United Metaverse Nation. It give you access to all the districts and benefits related to every citizen class.

By holding this card, you will earn 2% of the secondary market sale for ever.

You will received a physical version of your passport, anywhere in the world.
passport 3,333
citizen class 11
neon style 11
district 11
neon color 11
card shape 11
logo color 11
card material 11
hdri background 11

3D venues



Business district









Terra Prime, Kryptonian, Cybertron, Dagobah, Ego, Arda, Dune, Solaris, Waldor and Coruscant — these are the 10 species that populated the metaverse for thousands of years across hundreds of planets. But when the day of the Solstice arrived, a stump in the sun caused an unprecedented cataclysm in the multiverse, causing its inevitable implosion.

With their days numbered, the Kryptonian people, holders of knowledge, made an incredible discovery: the metaverse is a computer simulation. Successfully cracking the binary code of the universe, they managed to create a portal breach, allowing them to extract the 10 predominant species of their universe. This passage guided them to the metaverse, an unknown virtual territory never visited by a living particule before. Through a mutual consensus, they managed to live in this new virtual world together.

They named it the United Metaverse Nation.


Terra prime










Terra prime

The Terra Prime people, who populated the defunct planet Earth, managed to organize themselves enough to prevent their own extinction. Thanks to their knowledge of science, they built a ship and saved 1000, with the hope of one day repopulating their species. Their intelligence and sense of community make them one of the most respected peoples in the United Metaverse Nation.


The Kryptonian people are the oldest in the universe, and they remarkably anticipated the Solstice disaster. They are the real founding fathers of the UMN. Their knowledge is flawless; the future holds no secrets for them. No one questions their place in our nation.


The Cybertron people had the most difficulty reaching the metaverse. Sharing their planet with the Arda people, they could not avoid a war that decimated their population. Known for their strength and power, but with slight intellectual deficiencies, they managed to join the United Metaverse Nation by pledging their loyalty to Terra Prime.


The Dagobah people were the only ones who knew they were in a computer simulation. With an appearance like giants, they are immortal. According to legends, they are half god. Never causing trouble, they are prosperous and share their wisdom with citizens in the form of valuable advice.


The Ego people, formerly living on the planet Egorum, are unbiased and truthful. They have the rare ability to speak only the truth, making them the most valued inhabitants of the United Metaverse Nation.


The Arda people, who cohabited with and defeated the Cybertron, are considered the most combat-savvy species. This tripod species uses its six limbs for navigation, piloting, and combat. Upon their arrival in the UMN, they were assigned to protect the newly-born virtual nation from outside enemies and to maintain peace and order.


The Dune people, formerly inhabitants of the dry planet Dunaris, were the species most affected by the Solstice. After experiencing a near extinction of their population, a small number of them managed to join the United Metaverse Nation. They are known for their survival instincts and courage, though their days are hard.


The Solaris people have been in the galaxy since the creation of the Milky Way. They are the rarest species of the multiverse. After absorbing a small part of the Solstice, they were able to master the gravity force and can now bend the space-time continuum.


The Waldor people, former inhabitants of the dark planet Waldoreus, were for millennia fierce mercenaries who sought chaos. Because they tried to stay on their planet despite the Solstice, these mercenaries were the latest to join the United Metaverse Nation.


The Free People of Coruscant have always been free agents in the multiverse. They were forced to flee the planet Waldoreus long ago, resulting in a diaspora. They managed to blend in with the other populations with their ability to camouflage themselves and by running the interplanetary black market.




Passports can be minted on our website. There will only ever be 3,333 Genesis Passports.


nation birth

With a referendum and a vote from all of our citizens, we will decide what parcels of land we will acquire.


nation rise

In collaboration with Decentraland, Sandbox and Cryptovoxels, we will open our virtual world to the citizens of the UMN.


Independence Day

After establishing the rules and regulations, we will allow the breeding of a new generation of citizens to populate our new sovereign state. Please note that all future generations will be from a different collection and will not be granted the same rights as our genesis citizens.


Free Metaverse Nation

When our ecosystem is mature enough, the founders will take a step back and implement a DAO smart contract to make the United Metaverse Nation a 100% member-owned community without centralized leadership.


What is the United Metaverse Nation NFT?
A collection of 11,111 ERC-721 passports which allows their owner to enter the first virtual country: the United Multiverse Nation. Citizens will enjoy exclusive virtual venues in the metaverse and privileges and rights regarding the future developments of the sovereign nation.
When will the United Metaverse Nation passports be dropped?
Last week of September 2021. Very soon.
How can I become a citizen of the first United Metaverse Nation?
You can mint a random UMN passport directly from our website for 0.1 ETH plus gas. You are limited to ten passports per transaction. They will then be available on OpenSea for secondary market sales. The more passports you hold, the more citizen rights you will have. Anyone who has ten passports will automatically be granted a seat in the presidential council.
Are the United Metaverse Nation passports revealed instantly?
United Multiverse Nation passports will be revealed either immediately after sell-out or 24h after release.
What's so special about them?
Beyond allowing you to enter the first multiverse nation, a UMN passport will grant you access to unique drops reserved for citizens, virtual venues on the metaverse, and the right to vote on the laws and regulations of the UMN. Some of the first citizens will be elected to execute regal functions.
What are the monetary policies of the United Metaverse Nation?
  • 25% of the amount raised during the drop will be allocated toit buying land in Decentraland, Sandbox or Cryptovoxels ( based on citizens votes) within the first four weeks of the initial mint event.
  • 25% of the secondary market sales will be used to keep developing 3D virtual venues within the metaverses currently available.
  • Why aren’t you buying the land before the NFT’s launch?
    We wish we could open the door to our nation now; however, our vision requires us to buy the most premium land available in the metaverse so that our nation is as prosperous as possible. We are ready to prove our commitment by being transparent about the money raised during the mint event and the money earned from secondary market sales.


    Clément Azoulay
    Ilan Bouhadana
    Bryan Achour
    Laëtitia Capo
    Jeanne d’Arc
    Tharindu Niletthi De Silva